Like plenty of other terminology in the English language, the word menopause is also derived from
Greek. It is inspired by the term pausis (cessation) and mensis (month), which basically means ‘the end
of monthly cycles’.

Therefore, menopause is defined as the end of a woman’s final menstrual period. This period can only
be ascertained retrospectively, once a year has passed and there is no menstrual flow at all.

Our objective is to determine whether cannabidiol oil can aid women in coming to terms with
menopause and facing its symptoms.

The Role of CBD

It is important to comprehend that there is no discernible cure for menopause. It should be treated as
natural progression that all women must encounter. However, the signs of menopause, which are
depicted in the image above, and the transitional phase that gives women considerable grief can be
assuaged with the use of CBD.

Given the promising characteristics of cannabidiol, we will look at the potential advantages of using it.

Disruption of Sleep

When a woman experiences menopause, they may encounter issues regarding their sleep. This is the
result of determinants like hot flashes, mood swings, and a general sense of discomfort that adversely
affect their sleeping pattern.

Naturally, with the passage of time, this occurrence begins to affect other aspects of a woman’s life,
thereby augmented the severity of other menopausal symptoms as well. Thankfully, extensive research
has indicated that CBD as well as THC and other cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant may
be beneficial for women. They may be able to sleep better if they take CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is not associated with side effects unlike mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, which means it
is worth a try.

Improvement of Mood

Besides the inevitability of hot flashes, menopause, like PMS, is linked with mood swings. They are a part
of the shift in hormones and can affect women significantly. As hormones begin to alter, it impacts the
way women process and their ability, or lack thereof to regulate their stress levels effectively.

A woman’s body continues to work as per usual, the only caveat being an endocannabinoids deficiency.
Ultimately, this is what makes it difficult for them to manage daily occurrences like anger and pressure.

CBD can help in this regard. They are already regarded as a potent supplement and a potential
replacement for SSRI medication. Cannabidiol also has enduring mood stabilizing capabilities and the
way it is used to treat depression and anxiety is ample evidence of its proficiency.

Loss of Bone Density

Menopause also brings the onset of the bone density atrophy. It may also lead to osteoporosis and bone
fragility in some cases. While doctors generally prescribe ERT to tackle this predicament, CBD may prove
particularly useful in this instance as well.

Cannabidiol can protect against bone loss. They can stimulate the growth of bones in the human body,
which makes them an ideal alternative to ERT therapy for women who face bone related concerns

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