Smoking is a habit that has unfortunate consequences for an individual’s health. The smoking of cigarettes has proven to be a plague in countries and the United States is no exception. Smoking represents the leading cause of preventable disease in America and is responsible for more than 480,000 casualties annually.

Furthermore, it is estimated that nearly 38 million citizens are active smokers. These statistics help us understand that smoking is an issue. The question we have to answer is how CBD can be used to help smokers who are looking for a way past the dependency.

What the Research Says

It is imperative that smoking is treated as an addiction. Smokers find it increasingly difficult to kick back their habit and become accustomed to smoking.

The research was conducted at the University College London (UCL) pertaining to the effectiveness of CBD in quitting smoking. Volunteers were given a cannabidiol inhaler instead of a cigarette whenever they had a craving. In addition, another dozen chain smokers were given a placebo inhaler when they felt a craving as well.

The results of the trials were conclusive and strongly suggested that participants who used the CBD inhalers were able to reduce their cigarette intake by 40%, which placebo users witnessed no change in their habit.

Likewise, another research was done to gauge the link between cannabidiol and smoking. In this instance, a random study was orchestrated and 30 chain smokers were involved in the process. They were administered with 800 milligrams of CBD orally and given a placebo as well.

The next step involved showing the volunteers pictorial tobacco cues and examining their withdrawal symptoms as well as their cravings, heart rate, and blood pressure. The findings proved to be quite intriguing. A single dose of CBD was shown to lower the pleasantness of cigarette cues in comparison to the group that was given a placebo.

How CBD can be used

The prevalent notion regarding the relationship between cannabidiol and smoking is that the former affects the habit on multiple levels. Like we alluded to earlier, smoking represents breaking a habit and overcoming an addiction, a process which can be intensive and arduous for individuals.

Smoking CBD enriched flower or vaping a CBD dominant cannabis oil may assuage smokers and relieve their apprehension. It may also allow them to gradually control their cravings and eventually tackle their addiction.

How to Implement Change

While supplanting cigarettes with CBD flowers or vaping may be a suitable exercise, it is a short-term technique. This is because combustion produces carcinogens and is not ideal for individuals.

Therefore, those looking to avoid smoking should instead replace their smoking habits with healthier ones. Using CBD is a feasible practice that may work for a number of weeks, but ultimately the onus is on the smoker to comprehend the responsibility and understand the massive change that they are about to make.