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Last night, a documentary from the series Growing Promise was broadcasted on NBC news. The series generally revolves around the question and future of marijuana in the US. This also includes interviews with patients and their families, scientists, doctors, federal legislators and a former NFL player. In the following text you can read an excerpt from that documentary.

Yesterday’s episode was about the effect CBD oil can have when it comes to reducing seizures and epilepsy in kids. Lisa Smith was one of many parents who got desperate in looking for ways to help her child, as traditional medicine wasn’t enough.

Lisa’s daughter, Haley, suffers from Dravet syndrome, which is a rare and severe form of epilepsy. Once she found herself on the Internet, endlessly browsing for possible solution to help her child, Lisa decided that trying CBD oil is worth it. “I put it in her feeding tube and just waited, to see if it would work. And it just stops. Her seizures stopped, and she didn’t have a side effect.”

This event was the sign for many parents to start lobbying Virginia’s state legislature to grant the legal right for the possession of CBD oil for their kids.

Once the case was presented, the senator quickly decided to put it aside by simply glancing it over and seeing the word “cannabis” without even checking the content, the reason or the group presenting the case. The senator stated: “I will not vote for this,” as it had cannabis in it.

What’s more, legislators didn’t do anything either, as they didn’t want to be in conflict with the federal government and its statement which denies all medical values of marijuana. But, legislators were put to disadvantage when Haley had a seizure on committee, during the presentation of the case. Three years ago since then the law has been passed allowing the parents to use and possess oils legally in their homes in Virginia.